There is a PTN for every bike!

Never fear Flats with our Pepi's Tire Noodles !

Tired of letting flat tires deflate your plans? Say hello to smooth journeys ahead with Pepi's Tire Noodle inserts. Designed to keep you rolling no matter what, these inserts ensure you reach your destination without a hitch. Don't let a puncture punctuate your day – trust Pepi's to keep you moving forward.

Numerous professional teams from all disciplines have chosen to race with PTN.

How does it work?
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Top features

  • Runflat
  • Light weight
  • Less rolling resistance
  • Tire damping
  • High steering precision
  • Rim protection
Noodles for every bike

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Since 2015, riders with our tire noodles won

13 World Championships, Several World Cup Victories, More then 30 European Titles, And many other national titles !

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