The Story of PTN Pepi´s Tire Noodle

PTN RaceLine Ultra lightweight and durable. The winning story of the red PTN RaceLine began in 2017 and to date boasts three world titles, two overall World Cup wins, six European champion titles and countless national titles in different countries. Fans of the sport were so fascinated by PTN RaceLine that it quickly became one of the best-selling tubeless tire inserts. As early as 2015, the foundations for product development were created.

Countless hours of work in the in-house laboratory and on the test bench, as well as trials on various routes with top professionals to learn about and experiment with different polymer types and shapes/diameters. As soon as a PTN design in the prototype stage is approved after a long testing phase, we can think about mass production, as in the case of the latest brand new lightweight and ultra-strong PTN RokkLine range. Specially developed with an exclusive closed-cell technopolymer material, and a special yellow outer film that makes the surface stronger/durable as well as reducing the friction between the tire and the insert minimizing energy loss.

The weight-to-strength ratio of the PTN RokkLine is one of the most important features, so it is also very suitable for e-bikes depending on the battery`s autonomy. Cyclists will definitely appreciate the durability and especially in case of a puncture, they can continue the ride for a few kilometers without having to bother changing the tire under unfavorable circumstances. The new PTN RokkLine range is available in all sizes from 26″-27.5″-29″-29″ plus. Therefore, wanting to ensure the best performance, like no other manufacturer, we have specifically adapted the material thickness and diameter of each insert for the various types of use (XC Marathon Trail Enduro Downhill or E-Bike).

What is its purpose, effectiveness and features that have attracted enormous interest from runners ?

The main goal was to find a solution that could handle the major issues without weighing down the wheels or negatively affecting the dynamics of the racing vehicles. In addition to this, the research also had to include finding a component that could offer the rider to continue the course (finish the race) even in the event of a Tubeless puncture. At this point it should be recalled that multiple Italian DH champion Veronika Widmann in 2016 equipped with „PTN“ defended her title with a wide lead over her opponents despite a clear puncture on the rear.

Pepi´s Tire Noodle

In only two years 3 times World Champion – 2 World Cup Victories – 11 European Titles – Champion XC Marathon Germany several titles in some countries of Europe…..

Numerous professional teams from all disciplines have chosen to race with PTN.