Super Rokkline

RokkLine becomes SUPER ROKKLINE

Since its launch, the RokkLine model has become increasingly popular. To maintain or even increase the positive trend, it is our task to incorporate the new technological advances into this all-rounder product. To be precise, we have taken the excellent long-term performance of the R-Evolution series as a basis for implementing targeted changes. The round shape remains, but structure and material have been adapted to the ever-changing requirements.

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Tire Range SIZE

Super Rokkline

Given the trend towards wider rims and sometimes wider tires, the diameter of the sizes M and L have been increased. Of course, we have above all also included the system weight, which has increased enormously due to e-bikes, and made changes to the tire inserts so that they can withstand the higher load level. In addition, the puncture protection has been improved, and especially the Run-Flat emergency running property has been enhanced to save particularly the less technically experienced bikers from a tire repair in the middle of terrain. SUPER ROKKLINE gets you to your destination safely despite flat tires.


Main features

  • Slightly increased outer diameter for sizes M and L.
  • New cell structure with increased tear-resistance and durability.
  • Tire inserts specially adapted to e-bike requirements.
  • Surface without outer skin making installation easier.
  • The price-performance ratio is maintained; the price remains the same despite multiple improvements.
  • Completely new product packaging consisting of a specially made bag with closure, made of resistant material, in the interest of reusability.
  • One packaging unit includes, as usual, 2 PTN SUPER ROKKLINE, a set of Lufty2 special tubeless air valves (2pcs), and a PTN sticker set.

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