R-Evolution, the revolution of evolution!

A revolutionised dynamic foam structure, developed with great effort and the know-how of many years of special tyre insert development.

During the long development period, the prototypes were adapted step by step to achieve the best possible shape. Our World Cup racers, who have been instrumental in the development, say that this is the best tyre insert they have ever used; some of them use R-Evolution in all races and trainings. R-Evolution will also be used by some strong racers in the 2020 Olympic year.

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The structure and unique material have been developed specifically for this purpose and is therefore an exclusive material only available at PTN worldwide. R-Evolution, as a new additional product line to the already existing and successful PTN products, is a line designed for the highest demands and for the greatest performance. In addition to the good properties of the other PTN models, R-Evolution offers maximum tyre sidewall stability (precise steering behaviour) and best protection against tyre wear (less tyre sidewall rollover). In addition, there is good rim protection with very low rolling resistance on all surfaces.

Through intelligent design and material selection, it was possible to achieve a low weight, (e.g. a PTN R-Evolution 29 S – XC Marathon weighs about 66 g). The resulting product range includes all models that ambitious bikers need. The size and even the shape structure are adapted to the respective purpose. No other manufacturer in the world offers such features.

Tire Range SIZE

Product range:

  • R-Evolution S Cross-country – Marathon
  • R-Evolution S/M Cross-country – Marathon – All Mountain
  • R-Evolution M/L E-bike – Enduro – Downhill


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