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Prepare to conquer the asphalt roads with the Asphalt tire insert, tailor-made for the thrilling world of road biking, races, and triathlons. After meticulous development and rigorous testing alongside industry pros, we proudly unveil our innovation: ASPHALT tubeless tire inserts. Get ready to experience unmatched performance and durability on the road ahead, backed by the unparalleled quality that defines the PTN legacy.

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Experience the innovation of our tubeless tire inserts, crafted from cutting-edge lightweight foam. This specially developed material adapts to air pressure, enhancing smooth performance and reducing rolling resistance. But here’s where it gets exciting: in the face of low air pressure, like a flat tire, our inserts kick into action. The dynamic foam structure ensures progressive volume compensation, allowing you to keep rolling in run-flat mode with confidence. Dive deeper into the details in our instruction manual.

Main features

  • Lightweight, closed-cell techno-polymer inserts are available in 3 sizes for road tubeless tires ranging from 23 mm to 32 mm. Additionally, Lufty2 air valves are available in 3 lengths: 47 mm, 60 mm, and 80 mm.
  • It stabilizes the tire, provides greater riding safety, and protects the rim even at a very low or insufficient air pressure. It also allows you to continue riding in run-flat mode. For more details, please refer to the instruction manual.
  • It can be used with any tubeless tire sealant. The foam does not absorb sealant.
  • The package includes 2 single ASPHALT tire inserts, a set (2pcs) of Lufty2 special tubeless air valves, Stickers for your road bike.
  • The instructions simplify the installation of our ASPHALT tire inserts. However, it requires experience and expertise since it is ultimately safety-relevant bicycle parts.
  • Remember to apply 2 layers of NOTUBES yellow tape on the rim when riding tubeless. If you are using a thinner tape, apply at least 3 layers.


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