Swiss Bike Cup Gränichen: Conquering the Mud with Grit and Cheers!

Highlights and Challenges at CIC ON Swiss Bike Cup Gränichen

Ramona Forchini’s standout performance secured a commendable 5th place, with her early lead and uphill attack setting the pace for an impressive race. Despite surrendering the lead to eventual winner Alessandra Keller, Forchini’s strong finish highlighted her competitive spirit.

U23 rider Lauriane Duraffourg showed promise, maintaining a top-ten position until a chain mishap slowed her progress. Meanwhile, Simona Spesna’s cyclo-cross background proved beneficial, guiding her to a respectable 14th place despite a slight loss of power.

Virag Buzsaki faced challenges navigating the treacherous downhills, while Nadine Rieder displayed improvement despite struggles in downhill sections, finishing 23rd. Anina Hutter, in her debut U23 race, demonstrated promise despite the challenge of competing against seasoned riders.

In the men’s race, Gregor Raggl faced setbacks with a crash and chain jam, ultimately settling for 15th place. Martin Groslambert enjoyed a steady race, relishing the thrill of the dirt as he looks forward to future competitions.

Arne Janssens, despite difficulties finding his rhythm, remains optimistic for future races, acknowledging the race fell below his usual standard.

A heartfelt thank you is extended to all supporters for enabling the provision of essential equipment and infrastructure for the athletes. Your contributions are invaluable in ensuring their success on the racecourse. Merci.