Thrilling Action at Obergessertshausen C1 Race

Nadine Perks Returns Strong After Maternity Leave

Nadine Perks made a remarkable comeback to the racing scene, displaying resilience and determination just 18 weeks after welcoming her son Elias. Despite the physical toll of childbirth, Perks embraced the challenge with enthusiasm, toeing the start line at 14:00.

Reflecting on her return, Perks expressed joy at being back in competition. Acknowledging the inevitable shock her body endured during the race, she adopted a cautious approach, prioritizing technical precision and consistency. Her strategic mindset paid off, as she successfully completed the race without exceeding 80% effort, a testament to her measured comeback strategy. Perks also commended the quality of her bike and the race catering, expressing anticipation for the upcoming season with jb.

Katrin Embacher’s Promising U23 Debut

For Katrin Embacher, the race at Obergessertshausen marked a significant milestone as she ventured into the U23 category for the first time. The physically demanding course provided Embacher with a formidable challenge, but also showcased her emerging talent and determination.

Embacher tackled the course with tenacity, navigating its tricky sections with finesse. Despite the pressure of competing at a higher level, she maintained composure and steadily climbed the ranks. Embacher’s impressive performance saw her secure a commendable 5th place finish, a promising start to her U23 journey. Notably, she appreciated the shorter race distance compared to the elite women’s category, highlighting the unique challenges faced by U23 riders transitioning from the U19 level.

Gregor Raggl’s Solid Performance in Challenging Conditions

In the elite men’s race, Gregor Raggl delivered a standout performance amidst increasingly cooler conditions. Setting a blistering pace from the outset, Raggl showcased his strength and endurance, consistently maintaining a top 5 position.

Despite facing adversity on the second lap, Raggl remained composed, regaining momentum to solidify his position in 4th place. With a comfortable gap to the trailing pack, Raggl demonstrated resilience and strategic prowess throughout the race. His impressive showing on the demanding course left him hungry for more success, fueled by the exceptional performance of his bike and the strategic tire choice.