David List Surges to 14th Place, Carla Hahn Secures Third in World Cup: Incredible Achievements!

The Mountain Bike World Cup team embarked on an adventurous journey from Mairiporã to Araxá, Brazil, encountering some challenges on the way. Despite the unexpected conditions, David List fought his way from 62nd to 14th place in the men’s cross-country race, marking his best World Cup placement yet. Meanwhile, Carla Hahn impressed with third place in the short track and seventh place in the cross-country race in her debut U-23 season. Paul Schehl secured his first top ten result in the U-23 men’s cross-country race, finishing ninth. Additionally, Max Brandl made a respectable comeback in 35th place after overcoming initial challenges.

In the men’s cross-country race, David List navigated a technical course and steadily moved up the ranks, expressing surprise at his impressive performance. Max Brandl, after overcoming inflammation, showcased an energetic performance, finishing in 35th place.

In the U-23 category, Carla Hahn continued her streak of top-ten finishes, securing seventh place in the cross-country race. Paul Schehl expressed delight at breaking into the top ten, finishing ninth, while Lennart Krayer aimed higher but settled for twelfth place due to health issues affecting his performance.